Etsy instant downloads

I had great plans for 2020, including shipping out more original work, mini books and so on.

This has been somewhat scuppered by armageddon the limitations of not being able to send out any post – meaning that I’ve had to put my Etsy store “on holiday” for the last few weeks.

However I’ve still been creating and posting drawings, with requests for people to get prints..

Therefore I’ve been looking at alternatives so I can keep getting artwork out to people in some format.

Alternative 1: Redbubble

I already had a Redbubble account, where people could choose from a limited number of designs, however I’m now going to make a concerted effort to add new stuff including actual cartoon/panel based drawings.

Alternative 2: Etsy Instant Downloads

As it turns out, you can sell digital files on Etsy. So I’ve been investigating and am now planning to put hi res pdf files up there, for people to download and print at home. (note: the quality of the output is going to depend on your printer and the paper you use!)

The bonus of this is that I can sell little bundles, including things like video files, when I have made time lapse drawing files.

Here’s some info on the file types:

  • Hi res PDF – 300 dpi.
  • Two PDF files to download – 1x UK A4 size and 1x US Letter
  • The art work will be positioned centrally in the paper, in its original size – so one of my tiny originals (9.5×6.5cm) will remain the same size, in the middle of an A4 or US Letter page. This ensures that it remains the intended size when you print at home.

Here’s some info from Etsy on how instant downloads work.

Some info on Copyright:

Naturally, I’m taking a risk letting people have 300dpi files, so I’m putting a polite copyright notice on the second page of each PDF to say that these are for personal use only – no copying, reproducing or distributing. Play nice etc.

I have no idea if this is going to work, and it’s a lot of work putting digital files together, but hopefully people will get a kick out of it!